This is an ULTRAHIGH VACUUM SYSTEM, assembled on a chamber with several valves, electrical feedthroughs, mechanical feedthroughs, other interesting parts, and a turbo pump without controller. In addition, there is an electron gun and a Leybold electron/ion gun not presently attached to the system. This is a perfect assembly for an interested physicist to rearrange the system for his own experiments, or to completely disassemble and rebuild his own system. Included is a turbopump, but a controller for the pump is not included.

  • 4 Inch Edwards Turbomolecular Pump, Model ETP6/200, Ser 200339N, without controller
  • 4 Inch MDC Valve, Model GV-4000M, Ser 87-00912-G
  • 2.5 inch MDC Valve, Model GV-2500M, Ser 87-01272-G
  • Huntington Mechanical Feedthrough, Model VF-106, Ser 26168
  • 3 Inch viewing port
  • Chamber is 6 Inches diameter and 8 Inches long
  • Overall Length 33 Inches
  • Overall Height 28 Inches

Clearly the individual components of this system, if purchased separately and used, would cost several thousand dollars. I propose to sell this entire system for a fraction of the cost of the sum of the components. I do not want to disassemble the system and sell individual parts, however. The entire system is being sold as is. Since I have not evacuated this system, I offer no warranty or guarantee. Examine the pictures carefully. You may save them onto your computer and enlarge them for closer examination with your Paint Shop.





I did not pump on this system, but it could be evacuated with a mechanical pump and a couple more connectors installed to close off the open ends. Since I do not have a controller for the turbo pump, I cannot make any claims regarding the turbopump except that it turns freely and looks good. This system as assembled is very heavy, approximately 120 pounds, although I did not accurately weigh it. Shipping will have to be determined. If desired, I can offer delivery within a reasonable distance for a low mileage cost. If you contact me, I'm sure we can work somethinig out.