This is a Scintag PAD-V high precision X-ray diffractometer system. It includes the goniometer and the other components listed, and it is a complete operating Scintag PAD-V X-Ray Diffraction system. Incorporated in this system are the following components:

  • High voltage power supply
  • High voltage variable controller and input cable
  • High precision THETA and 2-THETA goniometer
  • Goniometer drive motor cable
  • Germanium Detector and liquid nitrogen Dewar
  • X-Ray tube housing
  • High voltage X-ray tube cable

Also included in the system, but not pictured individually are the input switching to the high voltage controller, an x-ray tube, power supply for the goniometer motor drives, a closed cooling system, and counting electronics for the detector. The system is shown in its X-ray enclosure for proper operation. The software for operating the diffraction unit is also included. This software is modified DOS programming, and the computer, also included, is an IBM 486 computer, and it all works, and has been operating for me for some time, but I have not operated it in recent months. This would make a great project for a graduate student, resulting in a full-blown XRD Spectrometer system which could be worth as much as $40,000. Perhaps you are operating a Scintag PAD-V Diffractometer already, and the addition of another x-ray source and goniometer and detector system might be just what you need to double your capacity. I am not interested in cannibalizing this system to offer individual or separate components. The system should be together and operating for the next user.


Service support is available for these units, and parts should be available as well. Generic detector and counting electronics and other components are available on line and other places from time to time. Schematics and technical service support should also be available. I have limited schematics with this system.

Take a look at the pictures of the components that I am offering, photographed before they were assembled in the complete enclosed system. This equipment is in good operating condition, and it was operating when I acquired it when a local well-known company closed down and moved its research to Texas. The spectrometer is shown in these pictures sitting horizontally with the axis vertical. However, it may be set up so that the axis is horizontal if desired for different geometries.
The reader should keep in mind that this equipment is highly specialized. It produces dangerous x-ray radiation and operates at dangerously high voltage levels. Only knowledgeable and trained individuals should work with this equipment. The seller cannot be held liable for any accidents, injuries, or exposure to users and/or purchasers of this equipment. Although the equipment has been operating, I am offering it "as is" with no warrantees or guarantees.