What Kind


Is it broken? I probably can fix it or tell you how. Do you need one and I don't have one? I will help you locate one, hopefully at a good price. Want a course or a presentation on Scanning Electron Microscopy, either basic for yourself or advanced for your company? Instruction on X-Ray spectroscopy on your instrument or mine? Could your college son use some tutoring in Chemistry? Do you need some complicated line drawings made for a presentation or do you have some transistors requiring parametric analysis? Want some SEM pictures of that favorite insect or elemental microprobe analysis of your filter particles? Is your alma mater in need of scientific equipment by a low budget purchase or a possible Technical Gifts Program donation? Or for you, perhaps it's a project of some limbs in your yard for a 12" brush chipper, some firewood for a log splitter, or a pesky stump for an 18" stump cutter? These latter jobs sound too much like work to me, but the requestor gets to supply the muscle. They also get me out of my lab and give me a chance for some much needed exercise.




Scanning Electron Microscopy.