Jerome D. Schick

18915 Grimm Street
Livonia, MI 48152
Phone (248)919-6664


  • Independent contractor since September, 1993.
  • Provide client companies with counsel on technical issues related to microelectronics and electron microscopy. Teach in client companies and in academic institutions topics related to semiconductor devices, failure analysis, microscopy, analytical instrumentation, chemistry, physics.
  • Career solid state device failure analyst, specializing in electron beam Techniques with strong hands-on interest in problem solving.
  • Unusual combination of resourceful ideas, broad experience, and forthright drive, dependability, and enthusiasm.
  • Clear communicator with strong interpersonal skills.
  • Fully insured and highly capable.
  • President of Kammrath & Weiss, Inc. which supplies probers for FIBs and SEMs, and other Electron Microscopy peripheral instrumentation.


  • IBM Corporation, 1969 – 1993.
  • Senior Engineer, performing physical and electrical failure analysis and device diagnostics of integrated circuits using electron beam techniques. Research and direction of laboratory personnel in state-of-the-art physical and chemical experimentation and instrumentation.
  • Development of new analytical methods for studying failure mechanisms in bipolar, monopolar, and optoelectronic semiconductor devices and circuits.
  • Coordination of and experimentation in Auger spectroscopy, photoelectron spectroscopy, scanning laser microscopy, scanning tunneling microscopy, and atomic force microscopy. Interpretation and presentation of results.
  • Instruction, guest lecture, on-site technical presentations, capital equipment justification and recommendation, technical documentation and publications. Direct work-study students to graduate/undergraduate degrees.
  • ISO9000 participant, organized and documented parts security procedures.


  • Research Chemist on Silicon integrated circuit pilot line, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Avionics Laboratory.
  • Project Chemist on fabrication of fluidic devices and frictional materials, Bendix Research Laboratory.
  • Research Chemist on clinical radioactive materials and treatment, Edsel B. Ford Institute for Medical Research.
  • Graduate teaching fellow undergraduate chemistry, Wayne State University.


  • Ph.D. Chemical Physics, 1968, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI.
  • M.S. Physical Chemistry, 1965, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI.
  • B.S. Chemistry, 1960, Wheaton College, Wheaton, IL.


  • Solid State Chemistry and Physics, Computers
  • Analytical instrumentation operation and instruction
  • Aviation and mechanical equipment, Electronics
  • Bible study and instruction, Music


  • Residence in Livonia, MI
  • Technical equipment donations and sales
  • Equipment repairs and upgrades
  • Yard work instruction and assistance