The HP 4145A Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer is a stand-alone analyzer for most semiconductor devices. Recently, workers at Brigham Young University discussed the HP 4145A in a general description of some basic measurements and the set-up procedure to make these measurements.
The HP 4145A Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer requires this 5.25 inch floppy disk in order to turn on and boot up. The floppy disk may not be copied by any ordinary disk copy routine since it is in HP proprietary format. HP does not supply these disks any longer. This disk is ready to be inserted into the HP 4145A and boot it up when it is turned on. It may also be used to store data, plots, and set-ups in the HP 4145A.
I have two HP4145A Semiconductor Parameter Analyzers, both donated to the Chemistry Department of Wayne State University along with some other pieces of equipment. This was done in October of 2014 on a trip to MI. A record of the other items donated at that time may appear elsewhere in this site. Nine items donated to WSU so far. One item to TCA.

Shown is the TEKTRONIX 7854 Digital Oscilloscope with four plugins. This is connected via the IEEE 488 bus to the HP 7550A Plotter. Also connected is the IBM Industrial Computer housing the IBMCAD software. Although this is an older CAD software, it works well, and is often used to make technical drawings and plot them on the HP 7550A. This equipment is presently housed in my Livonia, MI office.